Here’s how Founders Grid founder Chris Osborne works

Tech startup founders are, by default, tech geeks at heart.

And tech geeks love their tools, always looking out for the next time-saving apps and hacks – usually on Product Hunt – to help them get their job done that little bit better and faster.

(This is precisely why I, a self-professed tech geek, created Work Daily)

Chris Osborne differs somewhat from the stereotype. Yes, he has his stash of go-to products and services that he goes to get his work on Founders Grid done.

But at the end of the day, his number one hack for getting more done is surprisingly low tech: taking time off away from the screen, and making sure he gets a good night’s sleep. This is his one and only pro tip:

“No amount of technology will help you get more work done if you don’t have sufficient rest and sleep, while maintaining a healthy diet with regular exercise. It’s so obvious, but I see so many people who don’t take this seriously!”

Daily workflow

Waking up at around 6-7am, Chris jumps straight into his work for the day after downing coffee and breakfast. Walking the talk, he goes for a swim right before lunch time to get a short mental and physical break.

Afternoon is spent on research and strategy, the two main areas that he as the founder is primarily responsible for:

“My main responsibilities change often – we are about to launch several new newsletters, so now I’m spending more time managing our small team, site development, launches, marketing, sponsorship sales, and the curation. I have also started working with brands to create marketing assets for them.”

As a remote worker, he has the advantage of being able to move around and pick out a new place to work – either a coworking space or coffee shop – once or twice a week.

The tools he uses

chris osborne founders grid work daily tools

As you can see, Chris has an extremely small toolbox, which makes me feel pretty sheepish.

For project management, Chris goes with Trello, which he claims makes him feel good when he uses it – “which is really hard to do with software.” He also uses it to log down ideas for the future.

On the design front, he’s sticks to the tried-and-tested Photoshop. Reason: that’s what he learn 10 years ago, and old habits die hard.

“If I was starting out from scratch today, I would probably learn Sketch,” he adds.

While he’s been using Skype for communication purposes, Chris has recently been enamored with Slack. He tells me, in fact – as of yesterday – that his team will be using Slack over Skype from now on.

Content curation is an important part of his job, as Founders Grid prides itself on being a collection of the best resources from the startup ecosystem. For this function, Chris uses Feedly (like me).

But his favorite tool goes back to the basics – something that another renowned founder uses as well:

“The tool I use every day is a simple pen and note pad. Every day I like to write down what I want to accomplish, and then scratch it off as the day progresses.”

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