How Canva’s head of communications Zach Kitschke works

These days, any conversation about design will inevitably include Canva, a web app that seeks to make design accessible to anyone and everyone.

And no wonder. It’s been doing incredibly well, with users across 179 countries and counting. Oh, and there are only 196 countries in the world. 

It also recently raised $15 million, valuing the startup at $165 million, and launched a corporate-focused suite of tools as well.

Daily workflow

It comes as no surprise that its head of communications, Zach Kitschke, has been really, really busy. According to him, there are no typical workdays, as “things are constantly growing and changing.”

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While Zach started off focusing on public relations, his role has been constantly evolving, which he says is one of his favorite things about working at Canva. This is what he oversees now:

“I work across our marketing, communications, design, growth, customer service, and operations, so am often jumping in and out of different projects […] My day-to-day can involve anything from working on an email campaign to our users, spending time on PR and talking with journalists, shaping marketing for new products, or figuring out how to pull the right people together to tackle new operational challenges.”

I got tired just reading that paragraph.

Because he has to handle multiple projects, meetings are the order of the day for him:

“During the day, I try and focus on spending as much time as I can with various people on the team. On Mondays, we do our weekly planning with each team. This is a really good time for every team to come together and share what they’re up to. The rest of the week tends to be more project-specific, and I’ll spend time getting into the nitty and gritty of projects with different people.”

Other tasks – like email, news, and social media checking – are usually reserved for mornings and evenings.

Besides that, Zach uses his daily walk to the office to “focus and plan for the day ahead. I’ll often save interesting articles or content to read before I get to work.”

The tools he uses

How Canva’s head of communications Zach Kitschke works

Here are the tools that Zach uses on a day-to-day basis:

As expected, most of Zach’s tools revolve around communication and content creation.

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One particular tool that he’s only recently started playing around with is Zapier, which he says allows him to create workflows to do “almost anything.” It comes highly recommended:

“We’ve been using it on some of our support pages, so if people submit a certain type of request, it triggers data to go into a Google Spreadsheet. You can then also automate email responders, and all sorts of other useful stuff.”

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